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Picture fic challenge

On the  RA central Forum  we were challenged to  write a 500  word story inspired by this picture

Here's  mine

A Faerie Tale

Princess  Coral  had been told it was time  for her to marry but she  was  less than enchanted by the stream of  would be suitors   who called   on her almost daily.

" I couldn't imagine loving any of them ".   She  wearily told her god mother   who happened   to be a   very powerful fairy.    " Father  tells  me  a  Princess should n't marry for love,    but I couldn't  promise  myself to someone for the rest of my life    without  feeling........At least   affection ".

In  exasperation she threw a   pebble in to   the nearby  stream,  rippling  the clear water.

Her Benevolent Guardian smiled.    " Come down here  at  dusk every evening  and  if you see  a particular face at least  3 times   then that will be the man you are to marry when you  meet him. "

Coral thanked her  and that very evening   came back and   looked into the water.
For a week   she saw a different handsome yet  character less visage   each time.     Then for the next  3 nights  a much  more pleasing sight met her eyes.

He too was handsome ,  yet there  was   such warmth, wit and intelligence  behind those  blue blue eyes.   His hair was  a dark chestnut brown, his mouth looked made for   smiling  ( and kissing ) and that aquiline nose   was perfection.
She hoped  and prayed all night  long to see him again.

Sure enough  for the rest of the month,  his was the  face she saw each evening.     Now she had to find this man  and more  importantly  win his heart.

Now it  so happened  that  Princess Coral   had to journey to visit a   Kingdom ruled  by the  a girl hood friend   of her Mother.
Her heart leapt.  She had a feeling   that  she would   be meeting her   man there.

Suddenly her  carriage  stopped with a jerk.    They were  stuck  fast   in a mud  pool.  Coral looked
out  and her heart both skipped and fell  for  there was her dream  man..........

A shepherd had come  from a nearby field to offer his help   and  was Him to the last detail.
Coral watched strong muscles ripple as he pushed and pulled in his turn until the  carriage was freed.

The Princess thanked the Shepherd and  rode off towards.......yet another unsuitable  suitor   she supposed.

The Queen was delighted to  welcome her friends lovely daughter  and promised that her  son would join them at dinner that evening...............

Coral listened  without  interest  as  the herald announced   " His Royal highness Prince John"........
Then she looked up   into the   soft warm eyes of...........The shepherd from earlier.

" I..I...don't understand ".  She   stammered.     The Queen looked puzzled too  so the Prince explained  how he  had   helped to free  Coral's   carriage.
" You see  My Dear".  The Queen told  Coral,   " my son believes that before he becomes King he must find out about the lives  of  our subjects   by  living  in their shoes for a month at a time.
This month he is a  shepherd. "

Coral's face split into a smile  that Prince John returned beautifully.    " The life of  a shepherd  can be lonely  My Lady ".  He told her.
" Perhaps tomorrow you could accompany  me ?   And we can   get to know each other better ".

Coral  felt a spark of connection between them already.    " Thank you  My Lord ".  She replied.  " I should like that very much".
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