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The Wolf ( based on East f the Sun West of the Moon)

This is my version  of East of the Sun  West of the Moon.

The Wolf 

Alma  lived with  her father  a   Doctor in a village on the  edge of a vast forest.

The Doctor had decided to  take a short cut through the forest after seeing a patient  but  a storm was brewing.  All he could hope for was to reach home before it started.

Alas no.    He was more than half way through the trees when the first  crack of thunder  rent the air followed by a vicious streak of lightning.
The Doctor's horse  reared in terror  and he was  thrown from it's  back as it bolted for home  and safety.

The Doctor could   feel his leg was  broken.  In any case he was stuck here  until  some help came.

Heavy rain began to fall  and the Doctor was  drenched,   shivering with shock and cold.

Through the curtain of   teeming water  his heart faltered as he saw  an enormous   charcoal grey  wolf  approach.

It was a magnificent  male specimen  and was looking right at him  with piercing blue  eyes.
The Doctor had no means of defending  himself  so closed his eyes and hoped it would be quick.
But instead he found himself nudged by  the muscular dark muzzle..........He must have been  more delirious  than he realised for he swore it spoke in a deep, rich man's voice.

“ Let me help you  Sir.   Come climb onto my back and  tell  me where you live.   Your  kin must be worried by now “.

The Doctor  chanced his luck  and told the wolf   where he lived  and to his delight  in less than half an hour they were there.

Alma opened the door  and pulled her Father into her arms.   She seemed barely  perturbed  by the wolf's presence   and put out  a hand to pet him.
“ The wolf saved my life child”.   The Doctor told  Alma as she helped him indoors.  “ We must give him hospitality for the night.  I suspect there is more to him than meets the eye for he spoke to me. “

Alma fed the wolf in the kitchen  and batted not an eyelid as he thanked her warmly.    “ May I know your name ?”   He asked  in his oh so   melodious voice.

“ Alma Sir.”   She answered and may I  say thank you  for aiding my poor  Father today
But  for you he might have died.........If there  is any way we can repay you.....Please say ........

The answer was not one she expected. “ I would like to ask for your hand in marriage“.
He saw the shock on her face and went on.    “ It will not be so bad.    I am only a   wolf during the day.   At night  I am a  man.    I hope that you may be able to  help me return to   full manhood “.

Alma took him outside  and they talked with her Father.  The Doctor asking a whole load of questions that the wolf answered honestly.
“ Do you wish to marry him child ?”  He asked Alma  who replied.   “ I gave a promise to repay the debt for your life and I will pay it  willingly “.

So Alma went with the wolf   and he took her to a castle   where they were married.  She  found herself alone  until darkness  fell   and as she lay in bed a voice she knew spoke  from the door.   “ May I come in to my wife ?  I am a man for the night “.

Alma pulled  back the covers,   her husband climbed in beside her  and they truly  became man and wife   though in the darkness of the room Alma  saw nothing of her husband.........

He told her that his name was  Anwell   and that he was a Prince.   His Father  who ruled the Kingdom Between the Sun  and the Moon had taken a wife who was an Enchantress  who had  bewitched him to be a wolf during the day.

If Alma could  spend a year of with him never seeing his face   then he would be free  and they could be together.

If not then he he must marry his Step sister  who was beautiful but  wicked.     Alma wanted to help her husband so agreed.

Unfortunately the Queen  had put a servant into  the castle to make sure Anwell  was not freed.
This  woman pretended to be a friend  to  Alma.   “ How can you be sure of a husband you've never seen ?  “  She told the girl.   

" As long as you're  careful not  to spill wax from your candle  he need never know you've looked."

So one night Alma did  light a   candle and  gave a gasp as she saw the man sleeping  beside her.
Thick dark  hair   above a  beautiful face with it's   aquiline nose and  soft   sensuous  mouth that  she suddenly longed to kiss  and did so.

Alas 3 drops of wax fell  onto his  skin  and the Prince awoke.    He had the loveliest blue grey eyes  but they  were looking on her with   the greatest sorrow.

“ In the morning I must return to my Father's Castle to marry my step sister “.   Was all he could say to Alma.

When she awoke next morning he was  gone  and she wept bitterly for her own foolishness.
The wicked   Queen's servant felt ashamed of what she had done  and confessed it all to Alma.     “ Let me help you “. She   said.   For I think you will make our Prince very happy. “

She  sent  Alma to see a wise old woman who  might be able to  help her  find the way to  the Kingdom Between the Sun and the Moon.

In return for doing  some jobs for her the woman  gave Alma a golden mirror  and got the East wind to take her as far as he could.

Another old woman  in exchange  for work gave her a   golden  comb   and the   North Wind to   take her further on.   A third old lady   gave a golden spindle and the West wind to take her to the castle.

As she sat  combing out her hair  before trying to see her Prince   the  Princess who was to marry him  came by and wanted to buy the comb.
“ I'll give it to you  in exchange for a  night with Prince Anwell “  said  Alma.

The princess agreed  but gave the Prince a  sleeping potion so he knew nothing of  Alma's presence and she wept all night.

Next day she  say trying to untangle her hair in the mirror.   The Princess  once again bought  it in exchange for a night with the  Prince.
Once again a sleeping potion  ensured that he knew nothing of Alma's presence.

But a servant of the prince had seen what had  been happening and told the  Prince of the lady   who had come and wept all  night by his bed side  while he slept.

Looking out of the window  Prince Anwell  saw his Alma sitting spinning  and his heart leapt with joy.
That night   he only pretended to drink the  sleeping draught and to fall asleep.    Sure enough Alma had   sold  the spindle for a night with the Prince.   

 Now when she came in  she found him sitting up waiting  for her and they joyfully made love ,  seeing each other's faces for the first time.

Alma was dismayed to see the   drops of wax still on her husband's skin.   “ Only my true love can  wash  it off “.   He said  softly  and you have  been away from me until now.

So tomorrow I will tell the Princess   that  I will only marry the lady  that can wash the wax from me.    She will not be able to   so I will send for you to try. “

So the next morning this was what he did.    The Princess   tried with all her might to  wash off the wax  but the  skin just looked more dirty and blemished the more she tried.

Anwell sighed.  “ This will never do. What sort of wife  couldn't even wash a little wax from her husband's  chest.  “   

 He pretended to think, then said  to his servant .” I saw a beggar girl out side the castle  yesterday.   See if she' s there again and we'll let her try. “

The servant fetched Alma  and her eyes widened as she saw  her husband's magnificent bare chest again  though marred  now by the mess of wax.

“ If you can wash this wax away  I will make you My Princess  “.   He said gently.

So Alma took soap and water and to the horror of the Queen and her daughter the dirt and wax fell away.     

Anwell  stopped his pretence at once and kissed Alma  before everyone,then told their story so far.
The King was delighted to  have his son back  whole again  and he sent   his wife and step daughter into exile  at once.
While  Alma's   Father  was given a   home here   with his daughter.

Anwell and Alma had a  full royal wedding  at the  castle   and to this day   their descendants still rule in the Kingdom Between the Sun and the Moon.
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